Museum of the Nötscher Kreis

Anton KOLIG, Group of children in front of the window, 1911, private collection (detail)

Exhibition 2023 – 25 years of the Nötscher Kreis Museum

Exhibition in the Museum of the Nötsch Circle from
April 23 to October 29, 2023

The Museum des Nötscher Kreis was opened 25 years ago in the municipality of Nötsch im Gailtal on the 1st floor of the birthplace of the painter Franz Wiegele in order to make the oeuvre of the representatives of this group of artists accessible to the public, to document their lives and to provide an insight into their numerous to grant connections to the art scene of their time. Since then, the Museum des Nötscher Kreis has devoted itself to this concern in annually changing exhibitions and investigates the importance, positioning, impact and sustainability of this group of painters.

In this year's anniversary exhibition, the focus is on the concept of the "Nötsch Circle". Works by Sebastian Isepp, the oldest artist in this association of painter friends, tell of the beginnings and lead to the two main representatives Franz Wiegele and Anton Kolig, who primarily dealt with the artistic reproduction of people. In addition, works by Gerhart Frankl, Wolfgang von Schaukal and Theodor Herzmansky give an impression of Anton Kolig's idea of ​​his own painting school in Nötsch and his desire to make this place a "Carinthian Barbizon". Finally, the landscape paintings of Anton Mahringer, who dealt intensively and continuously with the diverse natural forms of the Gail Valley and thereby developed his unmistakable style, complete the show.

Exhibition curator: Sigrid Diewald